Welcome to AP US Government!

This class is required for ALL students who intend to graduate AND take the AP exam to get college credit.

Things you might want to know about Ms. H:

  • starting my 28th year teaching
  • taught at Odessa Permian, Southlake Carroll, and Cedar Ridge
  • taught US Government (regular & honors), US History (regular, AP, & ESL), World History (regular, ESL & honors), World Geography, Analysis of Visual Media, French I, Sociology, Psychology (regular & AP), Economics (AP Macro & regular) and Peer Mediation
  • B.A. degrees in history and psychology, an M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction with a focus on technology, and an M.S. in Education Media Design & Technology
  • certified Secondary Social Studies Composite
  • LOVES the Boston Red Sox (and even has a dog named Fenway) BUT she also likes the Rangers, the Mets, the Pirates, the Cubs, and anyone playing against the Yankees
  • loves English (Chelsea, Newcastle, Liverpool, and Coventry City), Italian (Juventus, Fiorentina, and Palermo), and Spanish (Barcelona) football
  • totally digs RUGBY!!!
  • loves NHL Hockey, especially the Pittsburgh Penguins, Nashville Predators, and the Dallas Stars
  • follows the University of Notre Dame in college football
  • fenway tilt glittersox
  • sparkly patriotsnd flag

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