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Monday & Tuesday, Jan 14&15

(Ms. H out sick) What were the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation? What quotes from Brutus 1 and Federalists Papers #10, 51, 70, 78 back up the main ideas? What are the 5 major points of the Declaration of … Continue reading

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Thursday & Friday, January 10 & 11

Who is in charge and what are they in charge of? How does Federalism divide power? Power Elite reading quiz NOTES-Power and Federalism Homework Read and be ready for a quiz over Pluralism and the B-1 Bomber readings next class … Continue reading

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Tuesday & Wednesday, January 8 & 9

Jan 8 & 9 downloadable lesson plan KHAN ACADEMY-Foundations of American Government Unit 1-Philosophers Lesson Who are the major philosophers that influenced the Framers? What is “popular sovereignty?” Why is the idea of a “social contract” important? go over first … Continue reading

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