Wednesday & Thursday, Feb 21 & 22

  • Chapters 7,8,10 TEST

  • you WILL be able to use your blue books (but not your composition books…I’ll be grading vocab while you take your test)

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Monday-Friday, February 12-16

  1. OK, so we need to get everybody back in line…sorry about my absence last week. 5th period will watch West Wing #3 on Monday and 4th period will watch it on Tuesday. 1st period will have a work day on Tuesday and 5th period will have a work day on Wednesday.
  2. Thursday & Friday…we’ll take notes in class over Interest Groups, Lobbyists, PACs, and SuperPACs…there will be some funny videos with those.
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Wednesday-Friday, Feb 6-9

  • Ms. H is out with the flu right now…

  • work in blue book and online videos…please go to the Google classroom

  • West Wing #3  (5th period will watch it next week)


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Monday & Tuesday, Feb 5 & 6

  1. turn in composition books and pink books

  2. Ch 6,9, Very Very test

  3. pick up blue books and Ch 7,8,10 Vocabulary after the test

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Thursday & Friday, Feb 1 & 2

work day to finish up assignments before the test next class

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Tuesday & Wednesday, Jan 30 & 31

What’s the difference between a primary and a caucus?

NOTES-primaries and caucuses (available in the Google classroom)

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Friday & Monday, Jan 26 & 29

NOTES-public opinion and public opinion polls

Google classroom Opinion poll assignment.

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